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Client monitoring services

PTE has many years’ experience providing Client Monitoring Services (CMS) and we have a clear understanding of the importance of this role. We believe having a client monitoring service is an asset to all projects, an extra pair of eyes to ensure that the technical design development reflects the original design intent.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team can provide three levels of CM services, depending on client requirements, and range in scope from reviewing documents submitted to discharge planning conditions to a fully comprehensive service. These can be tailored to suit client’s specific need.

Level 1

Level 1 involves reviewing architectural design intent drawings for compliance with Stage 2 or 3 designs. Tender drawings and/or Employer's Requirements may not be available, so we may be limited to ensuring contractor proposals are in line with design intent or planning approved information. Scope could include monthly CMS meetings, site inspections and inspection of materials and component samples. A Level 1 bespoke service is also available.

Level 2

Level 2 involves reviewing and commenting on compliance with architectural design intentions and quality, as embodied in the Employer's Requirements. This includes reviewing contractor proposals in tender submissions and throughout construction and production of information. Level 2 also covers reviewing site works from the point of completion of the super-structure works on a regular basis, and providing site reports.

Level 3

Level 3 provides a more detailed Client Monitoring Service based on Level 2’s scope but with additional input towards the end of the project and at practical completion. Information review would be more extensive: most architecture-related contractor, consultant, and sub-contractor documents will be reviewed and monitored. Weekly site visits are the minimum standard. Other services include reviewing proposed alternative designs, changes or developments to the contract documents and advice on their effect on the design intent and the overall project quality.

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