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Eastman Village, identity & campaign
Barratt London
Local authority
London Borough of Harrow

Once an industrial hub and the home to the Kodak Factory for 125 years, the area is in the middle of a massive regeneration project in that will open Harrow View up to the public and create a new home for the creative community as well as restaurants, homes, offices and shops. Named after George Eastman, the co-founder of Kodak in 1888, Eastman Village is a vibrant new residential quarter located in the heart of Harrow.

PTE delved into Harrow’s and Kodak’s industrial past to create a new identity, marketing material as well as wayfinding and signage. The new place brand is anchored around a custom brandmark which references the original alignment guides on Kodak’s 35mm filmstrips.

Don't confuse innovation with novelty
Don't confuse innovation with novelty Diespeker Wharf
38 Graham Street
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Don't confuse innovation with novelty