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Alma Neighbourhood visual identity
Countryside Properties
Local authority
London Borough of Enfield

Pollard Thomas Edwards has been working with Countryside Properties and Newlon on the regeneration of the 1960s Alma Estate in Ponders End, Enfield. Our masterplan creates nearly 1,000 new homes, with new community facilities, reintegrating the estate with the surrounding neighbourhood.

The primary route through Alma is a key access point into the Nature Reserve, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the bird populations supported by the reservoirs. The majority of new homes in Phase 1 will overlook the Nature Reserve, which is reflected in the masterplan, landscaping and design of individual buildings. Many of the building in the local area are also named after birds, including the tower blocks on the existing Alma Estate (Kestrel, Curlew, Cormorant & Merlin House). The new visual identity is intentionally restrained and celebrates this local tradition and the open public space fit for a thriving community.

At the core of the identity is a custom typeface, designed to reference the physiological structure of birds’ feet. The colour and material palette pay tribute to the texture and natural tones of the Portland stone and steel of the physical site, conveying a sense of timeless elegance and permanence.

Modest does not mean dull
Modest does not mean dull Diespeker Wharf
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Modest does not mean dull