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Cygnus Homes “E-smart house”
Cygnus Homes
Local authority
Duxford Parish Council

This energy efficient and innovative design, factory-built to exacting standards, enables fast building programmes on infill sites and offers customisable homes that are highly sustainable and affordable. The E-smart house meets Passivhaus standards, and optional photovoltaic panels make it a net generator of energy.

PTE is providing a full service from concept to completion.

We consider the Cygnus approach based around their E-Riser building services module to be one of the most innovative solutions we have seen. The E-riser rationalises all of services into one vertical stack which can be assembled off site, and leads to speed of construction but also lays the grounds for delivering a fully rationalised environment with high quality space planning to NdSS as standard and a living environment promoting health and wellbeing.

The E-Riser approach and the associated whole house design and environmental strategies are, in our experience, market leading and we are delighted to be now working with Cygnus to complete the development and roll out the Cygnus home into the market.”
Roger Holdsworth, Partner, PTE
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