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Streets in the sky: An illustrated guide to deck access housing


Routledge has announced it will publish PTE’s new book, 'Streets in the sky: An illustrated guide to deck access housing'.

The book, authored by senior advisor Andrew Beharrell and writer and critic Rory Olcayto, provides a comprehensive overview of deck access housing. As well as an introduction to the cultural history of deck access housing and typological studies of deck configurations and the kind of homes they enable, it will feature built British case studies – by a variety of architects - presented in detail alongside broader coverage of built European schemes. It will also cover practical guidance to inform the working British architect, building on PTE’s Knowledge Hub research already undertaken by senior architects David Mao and Rebecca Lee.

“The book capitalises on a major resurgence in deck access housing, especially in London,” says Beharrell. “This is in part down to architects’ interest in post-war modernist typologies, and the imagery of industrial warehouse conversions, but also due to specific planning standards, which favour the typology. There is a growing body of successful contemporary examples, but there are also many pitfalls. Hence the need for comprehensive practical guidance.”

The book is a ‘companion’ for anyone interested in, or involved in the design and delivery of, deck access housing. “It focuses on the contemporary use of this housing type, sharing practical guidance and providing exemplars as well as the historical context,” explains Olcayto. “We see it as a useful reference and guide that could also help shift professional (and, in turn, public) perceptions away from the negative connotations that saw the typology dropped in the 70s and 80s, when industry and government reconsidered approaches to the supply of mass housing.”

'Streets in the sky: An illustrated guide to deck access housing' will be designed in-house, by PTE head of graphic design, Nikos Georgopoulos​.

Set to be published in September next year, the 208-page book will be available in hardback and paperback with the latter format retailing for £34.99.

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