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Learning lessons - New London Quarterly


The NLA has published a 10-page article on PTE in its latest edition of New London Quarterly (NLQ). The article, written by PTE writer and critic Rory Olcayto, revisits three projects – New Ground Cohousing, Deptford Lounge and Gunpowder Mill – to see how each of them is performing after five, nine and twelve years in use.

Unlike typical building studies, the article focuses on operational buildings providing readers with a deeper understanding of architectural design and the day-to-day impact decisions made by PTE’s design teams has on end-users.

NLQ editor David Taylor was taken by the idea, writing in the NLQ editorial that, “looking back on projects over a mix of uses to learn what has worked and what hasn’t should be a bigger part of the built environment sector’s modus operandi — PTE showing the way in this issue with a trio of building revisits.”

The article also features lessons learned bullet points and new photography by Luke O’Donovan showing the buildings in use during the summer.

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Modest does not mean dull