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Design guides, Codes and Town Visioning

PTE devises place-specific design codes and uses design code conceived by others – to aid in the creation buildings and places. We also help clients understand design codes and how they can be used productively to give shape to the built environment.

In our experience, design codes work – and we’ve produced them for developers, local authorities and housing providers. They foster dialogue. They break down barriers. They get people - stakeholders of all kinds -talking. They provide a common ground for everyone invested in a building project – the community, the developer, the local authority - each for their own reasons. In short, a good design code, is everybody’s friend.

Every 'unit' will be someone's home
Every 'unit' will be someone's home Diespeker Wharf
38 Graham Street
London N1 8JX

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Every 'unit' will be someone's home