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Waites Court
Octavia Housing
Number of homes
Local authority
London Borough of Camden

Our scheme replaces a 1970s apartment building based around a mature and enclosed communal garden. The fabric of the building had deteriorated to such an extent that it required demolition, but our scheme is designed to preserve the garden which it encloses. To achieve this, the new building wraps around the courtyard garden on its corner site, allowing glimpses of the garden from the street but providing security for residents which the original scheme did not provide.

We have created 56 new homes to replace the 70 existing flats, including eleven two- and three-storey family houses. In total 40% of the site is dedicated to family housing, and the family houses each have their own private front garden and rear patio space. Four- and five-storey apartment blocks rehouse existing and mostly elderly residents with whom we have carried out comprehensive consultation and also provide a mix of affordable homes for rent and shared ownership for new residents. All the new homes are designed to Lifetime Homes standards.

The majority of our residents have expressed pleasure and happiness in their new homes. The new build development has been praised by visitors and outsiders alike, with many compliments.”
Carolyn Parsons, Chair of the Waites Court Residents’ Association
I like the living room best - it’s a distinctive room, it’s unusual and has character. It’s great to be able to look out.”
We can’t believe it – we feel like we’re on holiday and squatting in someone else’s house!”
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