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Dover Court
London Borough of Islington
Site Area
Number of homes
Homes per hectare
Local authority
London Borough of Islington

PTE has developed plans for 70 new homes across the Dover Court Estate. The majority of these homes will be new council homes and the Local Lettings Policy will give our existing estate residents the priority for the new homes.

Additional homes for private sale will help finance the project. The new, high quality modern homes will range from one– bedroom flats to five-bedroom houses.

Typical features the buildings include high quality insulation to reduce energy bills, generous stairs and corridors to ensure good access, solar panels to generate electricity, lifts in all new flats, large double glazed windows and bicycle storage.

As part of the project we are improving the open spaces, pedestrian routes, lighting, play provision and recycling /waste organisation on the estate. All these changes across the estate will hugely improve the feel of the outside spaces for all existing residents.

PTE is providing a complete service from concept to completion.

Every 'unit' will be someone's home
Every 'unit' will be someone's home Diespeker Wharf
38 Graham Street
London N1 8JX

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Every 'unit' will be someone's home