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South Lambeth Estate Regeneration
London Borough of Lambeth
Local authority
London Borough of Lambeth

During 2014, Lambeth carried out a regeneration assessment across all its estates. This exercise identified the South Lambeth Estate to have the potential to provide new residential development.

PTE was appointed in December 2014 to provide resident engagement and urban design services. The first step was to meet with the existing residents and retail owners to gather information about the Estate from the people who know and understand it best.

PTE’s commission was to work with residents to identify scenarios for providing new homes. These would range from a combination of demolition and in-fill to full scale redevelopment of the estate.

PTE demonstrated that the estate could provide significant numbers of new homes whilst providing better homes for existing residents. We were able to build on the positive aspects of the estate whilst addressing those issues raised by residents that could be improved. The outline masterplan proposals were ratified by Lambeth Cabinet in October 2015 and PTE then produced a Masterplan Objectives document to be issued for development teams to tender on the regeneration proposals.

Estate regeneration needs careful, creative thinking and a clear focus, but most of all it needs addressing sensitively, in a way that respects existing residents as well as addressing future requirements. These three estates each have a distinct identity and the teams chosen to work on them have been shaped around their different characteristics and needs. Each practice has worked locally already and will be further involved with residents and other stakeholders to understand the area even better before starting to shape their plans.”
Hilary Satchwell, Director, Tibbalds
The Council is committed to tackling Lambeth’s housing crisis by building 1,000 extra homes for council rent in the borough, and the estate regeneration programme is a central plank of our plan for providing these much-needed homes. The proposals for the redevelopment of these estates were the result of several months of design work, testing and consultation with residents on the estates; we will ensure that residents are closely involved in all the work we do from here.”
Lambeth Council
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