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The Quarry, Erith
Anderson Group and L&Q
Number of homes
Local authority
London Borough of Bexley

PTE has been commissioned to review an existing masterplan and outline planning permission for 600 homes designed by others, and to create a new set of house types for the future phases. Following delivery of the first phase, the client required revised designs to be significantly simpler and more cost effective, while supporting and reinforcing the original vision for the development, with its suburban ideal of generous homes and gardens with open views.

PTE has completed a thorough review of the completed phase and of the lessons learned from construction and sales teams. We outlined the opportunities for improving future phases - delivering both greater numbers of more desirable homes and enabling them to be constructed more quickly.

Our new house designs are spacious, convenient and stylish for the customer, and simple to construct, including rigorous stacking of structure and services.

Our approach has provided not only an uplift of homes by 20% in all subsequent phases, but also significant savings in the construction time and cost. PTE has achieved Reserved Matters approval for two further phases and is now looking at the application of the new house types to phase 3.

The overall strategy responds both to the government’s call for More, Better, Faster housing delivery, and to local demand for great new family houses at affordable prices.

Modest does not mean dull
Modest does not mean dull Diespeker Wharf
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Modest does not mean dull