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King’s Lynn, Chapel Street
King's Lynn and West Norfolk
Local authority
King's Lynn and West Norfolk

King’s Lynn is an English seaport and market town in Norfolk. Despite its attractive historic centre, King’s Lynn suffers from socio-economic deprivation and reduced market confidence, threatening the future use of the heritage assets.

As part of the Council’s vision to transform King’s Lynn into a “vibrant and prosperous town, where people choose to live, work and visit”, PTE submitted a proposal for the Chapel Street car park site and designed the publication.

During the middle ages King’s Lynn was a member of the Hanseatic League of traders, an affiliated group of towns and cities that dominated trade across the north sea and the Baltic. The period has left a legacy of distinctive Hanseatic architecture across the region, typified by decorative and steeply gabled brick buildings, developed within narrow plots that came together as tight-knit urban burgages. There is a fairytale quality about Hanseatic buildings and as such, the publication that we designed references maps and bed time stories.

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