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Juniper House
London Borough of Waltham Forest and Hill
Site Area
Number of homes
Homes per hectare
Local authority
Waltham Forest Council

Juniper House is a mixed-use development in the heart of Walthamstow Town Centre that includes 91 new mixed-tenure homes. The project for Waltham Forest Council will provide flexible commercial and cultural space adjacent to the train station. Alongside the much-needed new homes, the development includes a new nursery for 53 local children.

PTE’s design resolves intricate technical and legal constraints along the two railway and highways boundaries of the council-owned site. Previously a vacant office building, Juniper House creates a new, sustainable located, mixed-use neighbourhood where more than 50% of the homes are affordable.

The new buildings range from 2 to 16 storeys to respond to two different contexts – residential neighbourhoods and the evolving town centre. The landscape design creates a new communal garden for residents, a new garden square adjacent to the nursery and secure nursery play space.

Turn constraints into opportunities
Turn constraints into opportunities Diespeker Wharf
38 Graham Street
London N1 8JX

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