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Carl Vann joins the NLA Housing Expert Panel for a second year


PTE is delighted to announce partner, Carl Vann will be joining the NLA Housing Expert Panel for a second year.

The panel will be championing innovation in housing design and construction to build safe, affordable and sustainable homes. Tackling policy head on to drive the New London Agenda and improve the quality of the urban environment.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Carl’s current projects are operating at the forefront of residential design innovation, including prefabricated, large scale custom-build communities, resident-led estate infill and park town masterplans and design codes. Carl says:

I am delighted to contribute further to the vital research started by the panel last year; and to work alongside a talented cross-section of the housing sector to promote and ensure delivery of the quality and quantity of housing that Londoners need.”

Here’s Carl’s write up of one of the Expert Panels we hosted at Diespeker Wharf last year

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Modest does not mean dull Diespeker Wharf
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