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Estate regeneration

The improvement and transformation of housing estates has been a focus of PTE’s urban regeneration work for nearly four decades. We have helped communities to turn around more than 30 estates in London, the Midlands and the North West.

We work with communities to assess a wide range of options (including ‘do nothing’, upgrading, remodelling, infill and comprehensive redevelopment) to arrive at sustainable strategies for long-term incremental change. PTE’s regeneration masterplans reconnect fragmented estates with their surroundings – including the mending of historic street patterns broken by insensitive post-war planning.

Our collaborative report Altered Estates – how to reconcile conflicting interests in estate regeneration (2016) addresses the current tension between existing communities and the pressure to create additional homes.

“The Packington Estate is a shining example of how we can all work together to get everything right, from resident involvement through to building design. In an ever changing city, like London, it’s crucial that we continue to work in partnership to provide much needed, high quality housing.”

David Lunts, Executive Director of Housing and Land, Greater London Authority