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Co-location and mixed-use

Most of PTE’s projects involve creative and practical ways to integrate different uses within a building complex or across a neighbourhood, typically combining homes with workspace, shops, leisure, health and community facilities. For example, we pioneered the concept of building homes above schools, and have delivered a series of new schools on this model, using residential cross-subsidy. Meanwhile our work on town centre regeneration includes new cinema and leisure developments, again with apartments above.

Successful mixed-use development requires the resolution of technical and management issues to enable the different users to co-exist harmoniously. The benefits are many: more effective use of land; more beneficial 24-hour activity to animate town centres and residential neighbourhoods; shared capital and management costs; potential to cross-subsidise community space from commercial and residential development.

“The complex brings together a library, school and various community services to create a symbiosis that allows efficient use of community assembly, sports and teaching spaces available for use by the wider community at different times of the day. Disparate elements have been successfully brought together in a meaningful whole, both architecturally and organisationally, exploiting opportunities offered on all approaches to provide maximum permeability and access. Maximum flexibility has been achieved and the choice of materials deployed to articulate the various elements of the scheme is exemplary in terms of appearance and sustainability credentials.”

Civic Trust Judge