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Housing: urban regeneration

Urban regeneration is at the heart of PTE’s practice and history: transforming urban areas through gradual mending or radical change. Much of our work has centred on deprived residential areas and declining industrial districts, but regeneration can also benefit more affluent places, where innovative thinking can turn an opportunity site into a valuable community asset.

Regeneration takes time, and we often spend ten years or more on programmes of incremental improvement, giving others confidence to invest in an area.

We specialise in combining affordable and market homes, whether for rent or sale, within integrated mixed-use developments. We have pioneered innovative ways to integrate housing with workspace, schools, shops and leisure facilities.

“Angel Waterside is a truly public-spirited scheme which throws down the gauntlet for the future redevelopment of the City Road Basin by creating a high quality new public space for the benefit of the wider area.”

Building for Life assessors