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Housing: town and city

PTE has been creating popular, durable and award-winning housing for over 40 years, and we continue to be at the cutting edge of housing debate, design and delivery.

PTE’s early work pioneered approaches which are now accepted best practice: respect for context, community engagement, regeneration of brownfield land, blurring the distinction between market and subsidised housing.

We have diversified into the creation of all types of homes for all types of people: from urban apartments for the wealthy to houses for disadvantaged families, starter-homes for the young to innovative living concepts for the ‘third age’.

PTE has developed successful responses to the rapid growth in residential density, and the shift towards apartment-living triggered by economic, political and cultural trends.

“From the outset, our aim has been to deliver a carefully considered scheme and Prospect East represents the culmination of our extensive design process. Our vision was to create an inclusive neighbourhood which will make a positive difference to new and existing communities through social and physical regeneration. We expect to see a significant amount of local interest, from buyers looking to invest in what is fast becoming one of London’s most fashionable post codes.”

Tony Harker, Director of Sales and Marketing, East Thames

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