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Community, sport and leisure

PTE has created and restored a wide range of places for sport, leisure and community life: sports centres, a famous outdoor lido, a public library, health centre, community centres and local parks.

Such facilities play a key role in fostering sustainable neighbourhoods, but they are increasingly difficult to fund and maintain: PTE is involved in public-private collaborations and in the co-location of facilities to achieve more intensive shared use.

We are also involved with commercial leisure facilities, such as cinemas, bars and restaurants, through our town centre regeneration work.

Our work on new settlements and suburbs includes the creation of village centres, providing a new heart to a growing community.

"We only get one chance at the redevelopment of Walthamstow and we need to do it right the first time so that is why this place is so well designed. We worked really closely with the architects, making sure it's a stunning building. It's a ripple effect... the sustainability of the whole town centre. It gives the market confidence.”

Martin Esom, Chief Executive, Waltham Forest Council