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Later Living: Housing with Care
Year published
Patrick Devlin, Jeremy Porteous, Debra Yudolph, Sara Livadeas, Phil Schmid, Michael Voges, Stephanie McMahon
Baroness Sally Greengross, David Tunney
Urban Land Institute

In November 2019 the UK National Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) launched its latest guide, ‘Later Living: Housing with Care’ drawing people from across the property industry to discuss Housing with Care in the Later Living sector, and key guidance for best practice.

Patrick Devlin was a key author of the report together with experts from Housing Lin, BNP Paribas Real Estate, SAY Property Consulting, Fremantle Trust, JLL and ARCO. The focus was on the demand for high-quality Housing with Care and to demonstrate the need for a clear Housing with Care strategy in the Later Living sector that encompassed the entire built environment ecosystem - from finance, to design, to operations.

Housing with Care in the Later Living sector should be about offering comfortable homes to our ageing population, but currently the UK is facing a severe lack of viable options and currently has a patchwork of legislation, with outdated care policies. With clear policy outlines, as is shown in New Zealand, it can be ensured that we create these aspirational homes with quality care, building both true communities and helping alleviate the pressures on the health services.

The great advancements in technology and medicine have resulted in the UK population living longer. The unfortunate aspect is that we are stretching the NHS and have not built enough suitable accommodation for us to comfortably age into. However, through better quality housing with integrated care services, our massively expanding senior population can have an attractive variety of options enabling them to thrive during their later years.”
Vanessa Hale, Chair of ULI UK and director of research at BNP Paribas
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