Zero Carbon Hub’s Builders’ Book

The Zero Carbon Hub has created an informative guide house builders that promotes good craftsmanship and highlights key construction details when building a new home. Aimed at on site personnel, this new “Builders’ Book” will improve quality of the homes by identifying, and recommending solutions to, the most common construction issues which may lead to poor performance, loss of comfort, and increased energy bills in new build homes.

Using real world examples gathered from numerous inspections of multiple buildings sites across the country, the Builders’ Book uses simple to understand diagrams, icons and summaries to help builders improve site processes and deliver better performing homes while also reducing a number of potential risks such as mould growth, condensation and excessive heat loss.

The Zero Carbon Hub’s Builders’ Book, produced alongside CITB, Pollard Thomas Edwards and LABC, will help close the ‘energy performance gap’ in new build homes by identifying and recommending solutions to the most common construction problems.

The Builders’ Book can be downloaded for free at the following link.


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