Urban Design & Masterplanning

Urban Design & Masterplanning

PTE has always been as interested in the spaces between buildings as the buildings themselves. Urban design is a collaborative and multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical setting for civic life: the art of making places through the interaction of groups of buildings, streets, open spaces and landscape with the activity which takes place within them.

PTE’s urban design services include feasibility studies, outline masterplans, design codes and urban design guidance, such as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and Area Actions Plans (AAPs). Our specialist urban designers work alongside our architects on both urban design and architectural projects.

PTE has completed over 40 masterplans for residential neighbourhoods, town centres, new settlements and urban extensions. We bring to these large-scale interventions the strategic thinking and attention to detail, which we have learned from delivering built projects.

Masterplanning is as much about process as product, and it has holistic objectives: environmental, social, cultural and economic. The delivery strategy will often involve several agencies and developers, and phased implementation over an extended period of time.

In May 2017 PTE attended the launch of the new Design Companion for Planning and Placemaking book. Written by a group of industry experts, the publication supports and extends government design guidance found in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Chapters in the book contain advice and illustrated examples on a variety of design themes, including: housing, landscape, streets, tall buildings and town centres. Pollard Thomas Edwards contributed text and images to the ‘Town extensions and large scale schemes’ chapter.

Dunsfold Park is an outline planning application for a new mixed use settlement in Surrey with 2,600 homes set within a country park.

WING is an outline planning application for mixed use urban extension in Cambridge for up to 1,300 homes.

The Cromwell Road Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides urban design and planning guidance for one of the largest brownfield sites in inner city Cambridge.

At Packington Estate we are reintegrating the old estate into the surrounding area and providing 820 new mixed tenure homes.

Grahame Park is one of London’s largest regeneration projects, including 3,000 new and refurbished homes.

At Hornsey Road we have created a series of public streets, spaces and new homes built on pedestrian desire lines.