Design Delivery

Design Delivery

In recent years many architects have focused solely on planning work and have shied away from the challenge of getting things built. At PTE we plan to build everything that we design – and usually we succeed. We believe that you cannot create a robust planning concept unless you understand how it will be put together. This approach leads to practical, lasting and beautiful solutions.

Our Design Delivery Workshop specialises in post-planning work, including production information and construction stage services to contractors. The workshop, with the support of our Knowledge Hub also provides technical advice to our concept design and planning teams and is responsible for keeping the whole practice abreast of technical and regulatory developments.

At Angel Waterside we acted not only as architect, but also as co-developer and contractor. This kind of activity gives us exceptional insight into how things are built and what they cost.


  • Job vacancy – Part-time Contracts Manager
  • Job vacancy – Part II Architectural Assistant
  • Job vacancy – Architect