Concept Design

Concept Design

Creative concepts should grow out of the particular constraints and opportunities of a site and brief, and not be imposed by some wilful desire to be different PTE believes, and has demonstrated throughout its thirty years of practice, that the ordinary stuff of our built environment can be mended, elevated and transformed to create places where people really want to base their working and domestic lives. We believe that modest buildings can and should form a beautiful and practical background for our lives. That’s why we published a book called Out of the Ordinary: it shows how everyday places and buildings can achieve quiet excellence.

For example, Connaught Gardens is a quiet terrace of family houses which responds to its sloping wooded site with timber shingles on the garden side and a black and white street façade taking cues from the 1930s semis opposite.

Equally, we have created striking and dramatic buildings when the brief and context call for a landmark. The Deptford Lounge is a striking new civic focus, and part of a new town centre complex including a library, a school, market square, artists’ studios and keyworker homes.


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