Westbrook Primary School

Westbrook Primary School

2011 - 2014

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  • Site area 1.9

PTE has designed completely new premises for Westbrook Primary School enabling it to expand to accommodate three forms of entry.

The new school overlooks allotments to the north and outdoor play areas to the south, but its position on the edge of its site also ensures that the school can be easily used by the community both out of school hours and through controlled access during school hours – all three halls are close to the main public entrance and can be isolated from the main teaching areas.

We have provided a flexible combination of traditional classrooms and open-plan teaching areas, with classrooms arranged in double year group clusters of six classrooms, with each cluster grouped around an additional shared teaching space.

One of the principal challenges of the scheme is that it lies under the flight path to Heathrow and therefore needs to provide substantial acoustic protection. This is further complicated by the school’s ambitious sustainability targets, which make mechanical ventilation an undesirable option. Our solution was to install a low-cost earth tube system which draws fresh air remotely from the building. The project was awarded £100,000 from the Government’s Climate Change Technology Strategy Board to carry out research, develop strategy and implement proposals to future-proof the school against predicted changes to climate over a period of 100 years.