Tidemill Academy and Deptford Lounge

Tidemill Academy and Deptford Lounge

2006 - 2011

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This is a visionary scheme which lies at the heart of Lewisham’s regeneration of Deptford town centre. At the heart of the scheme is the Deptford Lounge, a state-of the art library which forms the third wing of a new building for Tidemill Academy.

Key to the design of the whole complex is the concept of the co-location of education and community facilities. The Lounge houses shared facilities which are isolated from the public during the school day, and open only via the school, but out of school hours they are opened up for community use via the new library.

The school hall, rooftop ball court and refectory are all designed for dual use with separate access points from within the school, from the Lounge, and from the public realm.

The far wing of the school on Resolution Way consists of a five-storey building which provides studios and exhibition space for small businesses and local artists, and 38 affordable apartments. The Deptford Lounge and Tidemill Academy open onto Giffin Square, a new public space at the heart of Deptford.

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  • Education Estates Award 2014
  • Education Estates Award 2014
  • Civic Trust Award 2013
  • London Planning Award 2013
  • RICS London and South East Award 2013
  • European Copper in Architecture Award 2013
  • Building Award 2013
  • Structural Steel Design Award 2012
  • New London Award 2012
  • International Property Award 2012
  • Surface Design Award 2012
  • World Architecture News Award 2011