Somethin’ Else

Somethin’ Else

2006 - 2007

N1 6DZ
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Somethin’ Else is a cross-platform production company working in TV, radio and interactive entertainment. They had outgrown their current premises and needed a designer to give them a building that met their demanding technical needs but foregrounded the creative work that is their core business.

Their new premises formed part of a turn of the last century workshop building, which required refitting, and the provision of recording studios and mixing booths as well as new general-purpose office space.

These two requirements led to the creation of coloured pods in the centre of the office space: these pods house technical booths and storage around the perimeter and also serve to define the team and breakout areas. This project had a very tight budget, and its success was dependent on our ability to make the central pods perform more than a merely technical role.