1995 - 2008

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The Peckham Partnership demonstrates PTE’s ability to masterplan and co-ordinate a large-scale, phased project to create a new neighbourhood for some 5,000 people.

The development of 1800 new homes plus community facilities is a complex piece of urban design which knits together traditional streets with post-war estate planning. Some parts of the 1970s estates have been retained following earlier refurbishment, but the remainder, including the notorious North Peckham estate, had become unworkable and have been swept away. Together with BPTW Architects, PTE planned road layouts, and laid down design guidelines for building heights, materials and landscaping. New civic spaces, parks and community buildings are incorporated.

Writing in the Independent Michael Farrell wrote: ‘well designed, attractive new houses, redesigned streets, new sports facilities. Above all, there is budding confidence for the future prospects of this fledgling multi-cultural community’.