Kleine Wharf

Kleine Wharf

2001 - 2007

N1 5QL
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London’s waterways have huge potential as places for living and recreation, but often remain derelict as planning policies prohibit new uses on historically industrial sites. Kleine Wharf on the Regent’s Canal provides a model for the regeneration of redundant canalside sites, reconciling the need to protect employment space with the creation of high quality housing.

Kleine Wharf consists of a complex of canalside buildings around a central courtyard, with managed workspace for start-up businesses, a community police office, and a photographer’s studio under mixed-tenure apartments.

At the centre of the open courtyard is a waterside café to draw people into the scheme: Kleine Wharf is not just a housing development, but creates a new and lively neighbourhood.


  • Your New Homes Award 2005