Gunpowder Mill

Gunpowder Mill

2006 - 2009

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The Gunpowder Mill scheme involves the sensitive conversion of historic but derelict buildings and the addition of a new modern element on a site surrounded by woods and parkland.

In the 18th century, the Royal Gunpowder Mills housed the largest gunpowder works in Britain, and it remained a centre for the production of and research into explosives until 1991.

Two early 20th century buildings, the Power House and the Water Tower, have been converted to form a new headquarters office for the client, while remaining faithful to the industrial history of the site. A new three-storey glazed structure completes the office complex and incorporates a top-floor terrace which links all three buildings and gives magnificent views out over the adjacent water meadows.


  • Civic Trust Award 2010
  • Constructing Excellence Award London & South East 2010
  • RICS East of England Award 2010
  • Roses Design Award 2010
  • Roses Design Award 2010
  • Roses Design Award 2010