Grahame Park

Grahame Park

2002 - 2020

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The regeneration of Grahame Park in Colindale is one of the largest regeneration projects in London and will create a whole new neighbourhood of over 3,400 mixed tenure homes, together with community facilities and open green space.

The masterplan is the result of collaboration between PTE and Levitt Bernstein Associates (LBA). It has been praised by CABE; and won the London Planning Award 2005 for the best conceptual project contributing to London’s future. The approach adopted by PTE and LBA is to reconnect the estate to the surrounding neighbourhoods by creating clear routes through it, and to make public green space an integral part of the masterplan. The new neighbourhood will also be characterised by a traditional street layout of comparatively low rise homes with private gardens in order to create the sort of environment in which a new community can develop and flourish.

The first phase of the regeneration, designed by PTE, focuses on the extensive but currently underused Grahame Park Open Space. 320 new homes wrap around the western edge of the park in a sinuous curve, creating spectacular views. Meanwhile the Open Space itself has been remodelled to designs by LBA, creating new ecological areas and new pathways which connect the surrounding neighbourhoods in order to transform the Open Space into the hub of the new community. Phase one was completed in 2012.


  • What House Award 2012
  • London Planning Award 2004