Frederick Mews

Frederick Mews

2004 - 2008

N8 8ED
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PTE has taken a redundant light industrial site within the sensitive context of the Crouch End Conservation Area and has transformed it into a mixed-use development which combines modern commercial space and new housing with private gardens and parking. There are three distinct components to the development – terraced houses on Coleridge Road, mews houses in the centre of the development and commercial units accessed from Crouch Hall Road Car Park – which come together to form a coherent piece of urban design.

The scheme repairs the existing traditional terrace on Coleridge Road with two substantial five-bedroom family homes which adopt the proportions and materials of their neighbours at the front, but which change to a contemporary aesthetic at the rear to relate to the new mews.

Here in the centre of the site we have created six mews houses using traditional materials such as brick, timber and slate typical of existing mews in the area. Changes of level have been imaginatively exploited to provide discrete under-garden car parking for the terraced houses.

The new commercial building beyond provides a gateway to the mews, screening the houses from Crouch Hall Road Car Park.