Durand Close

Durand Close

2001 - 2017

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PTE has designed and is currently delivering the regeneration of the Durand Close Estate, which includes mixed tenure homes, a new shop, a community centre and neighbourhood play facilities. Our design aims to reintegrate the previous 1970s problem estate with the surrounding suburban neighbourhood by extending streets into the site and creating a new neighbourhood of mixed tenure low-rise flats and houses which open up long views of the River Wandle.

A new riverside park and associated cycle and pedestrian route forms part of the re-landscaped Wandle Trail, a valuable green corridor providing a unique link between four south London boroughs.

The regeneration of Durand Close has necessitated the redevelopment of a series of associated sites – these provide a mix of affordable, shared ownership and private sale houses and flats integrated into the suburban context and have been developed in line with a rolling programme designed to provide adequate cross-subsidy for the estate regeneration and to meet the re-housing needs of the main estate and the borough.

In total the regeneration will deliver around 570 new mixed tenure homes, with an emphasis on affordable family houses.