Crown Wharf 2

Crown Wharf 2

2005 - 2007

E3 2PF
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The Crown Wharf site lies on the River Lea, opposite the main 2012 Olympic stadium and the Lea Valley Olympic village; and it will be linked to the Olympic site with a new bridge.

In 2004 LondonGreen had acquired the site to form the third phase of their neighbouring development, Omega 3. With the winning of the Olympic bid in 2005 the context of the scheme changed radically, especially since the bid proposed a new bridge immediately to the east of the site.

We amended an existing consent by improving the relationship between the phases; opening up the courtyard to the river; and adding additional storeys to the river block to take advantage of the amazing views over the river towards the Olympic stadium. The ground-floor commercial units have public uses as a café and restaurant.

Ninety-eight live/work units over 2250m2 ground-floor commercial space are arranged around a courtyard which opens up to focus views across the river. Our approach has been to use a variety of materials – including copper and timber cladding – to divide the building into a series of separate and distinctive elements.