CRISH (Camden Residents in Shortlife Housing)

CRISH (Camden Residents in Shortlife Housing)

2003 - 2007

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With this scheme PTE adds the final piece of the jigsaw to their regeneration of the Rosemont triangle in north London, which is bordered on two sides by railway lines and on the other by the Finchley Road.

The seven-storey timber-clad building provides an end-stop to the terrace beyond, and forms a pair with the earlier block opposite to create a gateway into Lithos Gardens.

The vertical timber cladding emphasises the slenderness of the building, which is conceived as a single block out of which balconies and roofscape are carved: these cut-outs are marked by the use of glass and aluminium. To the back of the site the roof descends in a cascade of curves, breaking down the mass and establishing a more informal aesthetic towards the communal and private gardens.

This block is separated from its neighbour by a double-height lightweight steel entrance screen. The lower four-storey brick building is set further back, relating in scale and material to the adjacent existing housing.

This scheme re-houses residents living in short-life accommodation across Camden in new homes with a secured tenancy which meet modern-day standards.