Angel Waterside

Angel Waterside

2001 - 2008

N1 8GB
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  • Site area 0.161

Angel Waterside began the process of opening up the City Road Basin to the public and unlocking its potential as a resource for leisure and sport in an area of the capital which has very little public open space: a community park and walkway have been created along the west side of the Basin from space generated by pulling the building line back towards the street.

The four linked buildings which make up Angel Waterside contain 85 mixed-tenure apartments with commercial space at ground-floor level. ‘Diving board’ balconies on the canal elevation reach out towards the garden and the water, and the upper floors are set back to create large southwest terraces for the penthouses, which look out towards the City and over the City Road Basin.

PTE has taken the innovative step of acting not only as architect, but also as joint developer and contractor together with their partners Groveworld.


  • Building Award 2010
  • Building for Life Award 2009
  • Building for Life 2009
  • Housing Design Award 2009