Airco Close

Airco Close

2003 - 2006

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  • Site area 1.457

This project demonstrates how London’s need for more homes can be achieved whilst providing proper family houses with gardens, and low-rise flats arranged in small intimate clusters.

Airco Close was formerly a commercial car storage park in the shadow of the service side of the multi-storey Oriental City shopping complex. Our scheme has transformed this unpromising site into an elegant and welcoming group of 36 family houses and 115 low-rise flats. These are grouped around communal gardens which open up towards the public park opposite.

Key to the success of the scheme is our use of three-storey townhouses for family homes, each with its own rear garden and front door on to the street: these town houses are the latest refinement of a design developed by PTE over the past twenty years.

The materials and proportions echo the ‘streamlined moderne’ of the inter-war suburbs which form the backdrop to the development.


  • Civic Trust Award 2008