Pollard Thomas Edwards proud supporter of AJ Women in Architecture

Pollard Thomas Edwards is proud to be an exemplar of good practice but it’s important to say that there has not been a deliberate attempt to create a gender balance through tokenism or positive discrimination here. Rather there has been a deliberate attempt to create a social and cultural environment which supports flexibility and equality. Our recruitment process is ‘gender blind’ – we focus on skills and attributes only.

The more women you have in your practice and in leadership roles, the more women you will attract. Once you have a critical mass it stops being an issue at all, and balance begets balance. Our approach is in the DNA of the practice – it’s just what we do.

We have a diverse workforce, and are one of the very few large practices to achieve a 50:50 gender balance. Talented people come to Pollard Thomas Edwards from all sorts of places and backgrounds, and around 22 different languages are spoken.

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