Pollard Thomas Edwards celebrates 40 years in practice with exhibition at New London Architecture

September 12 – 07 October 2014
More Homes, Better Homes: 40 years of Pollard Thomas Edwards
New London Architecture, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT

Pollard Thomas Edwards will be hosting an exhibition at New London Architecture (NLA) throughout the month of September, looking at the history of the practice and their commitment to solving London’s housing crisis. The exhibition will coincide with the practice’s 40th anniversary and features some of their most pioneering housing schemes.

Pollard Thomas Edwards has 40 years at the forefront of housing design and delivery, pioneering approaches that are now seen as best practice in the industry. The exhibition, entitled ‘More Homes Better Homes: 40 years of Pollard Thomas Edwards’ examines the practice’s ethos and vast experience in designing high quality, loveable homes and creating new and revitalising old neighbourhoods.

Aligned with ‘More Homes Better Homes’, a campaign to address London’s urgent need for well-designed housing, Pollard Thomas Edwards demonstrate, through their extensive portfolio of experience, how the Capital can meet this vast demand – without compromising on quality. The show will also challenge the notion that the need for high density residential developments can only be tackled with high-rise solutions.

The exhibition marks the launch of a special publication by PTE and the Architects’ Journal demonstrating the huge scope to create homes Londoners will enjoy, without compromising on quality.


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