Open House London 2017 – New Ground Cohousing

This pioneering cohousing scheme creates 25 customised homes and a shared ‘co-house’ clustered around a walled garden.

PTE has developed an interactive design process for cohousing groups and is providing a full service from concept to completion.

“It’s never been done before, and we will be completely running it ourselves. We are making history, and we are extremely proud. We hope others will learn from us. Everyone is tremendously excited. We want to be part of the Barnet community. We are not going to be a little ghetto of older people, we want to be good neighbours.”

Shirley Meredeen, Co-founder, OWCH

Saturday 16 Sep 2017
10am – 1pm

Sunday 17 Sep 2017
2pm – 5pm

View the listing on the Open House website