Barton Park in Oxford granted planning permission at committee

PTE and Alison Brooks Architects are working with developers Hill on the Phase 1 masterplan for Barton Park, a new sustainable neighbourhood north-east of Oxford, designed to create a self-sustaining community of 237 homes, with shops, offices and services within walking and cycling distance of all new homes.

Located at the intersection of Oxford suburbia and the surrounding countryside, Barton Park is conceived as a garden suburb designed for the 21st century, a blend of high quality urban living in harmony with its natural surroundings.

The proposed development will be the largest new residential development in Oxford and the aim for Barton Park is to build an exemplar development which provides a benchmark for future large developments in the area.

Earlier this week Barton Park was also selected as one of 10 NHS Healthy New Town demonstrator sites.

Barton councillor Van Coulter said “I have been part of this project since 2011 and I applaud it. It’s near to exemplary and I’m very pleased that there will be no distinction between the social and market housing.”