Architectural Review – Women in Architecture campaign

“Pollard Thomas Edwards is proud to be an exemplar of good practice and to have a gender-balanced working environment. The WIA campaign is a reminder that we have a wonderfully unique situation, and something that should be supported and encouraged throughout the profession.

Our approach:

Make sure everybody benefits from equality in the workplace: a balanced working environment is good for everybody. Everyone in our office appreciates the culture that we have and the part that gender balance plays in that.

Flexibility should be for everyone: one of the hardest things for women in architecture is to manage the timing of having a career and having a family. We offer managed flexibility to all staff in order to create an environment where people can grow and develop and achieve their own work/life balance. We encourage new mums to come back to work, helping them to get back to where they were before they left.

Expect equal pay: we are thorough about our appraisal process and make sure that pay is commensurate with skills and performance across the board.

Set a good example: we aim to be visible as women in the profession. That’s the best encouragement we can give. Seeing other women in positions of seniority makes you stop questioning the fact that you can do it, and just get on with it. I was honoured to have been named Woman Architect of the Year 2015.”

Pollard Thomas Edwards, Teresa Borsuk